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Teenage Students Raising Hands


Active Learning 一起学习


  • 中文一班 (许老师)

  • 中文二班 (闫老师) 

  • 中文三班 (刘老师)

  • 中文四班 (曾老师)

  • 中午五班 (冯老师)

  • 中文六班 (尚老师) 

  • 中文七班 (吴老师) 

  • 中文八班 (林老师) 

  • 初中班     (张老师)

  • 高中班     (任老师)

  • 高考班     (武老师) 

China International  School in Cape Town has numerous amount of classes that allow the best fitting learning environment catered for the student. We believe in a safe and open environment to allow learning to take place. The students at China International School in Cape Town are given the opportunity to choose Mandarin as a Second Additional Language (SAL) when completing their National Senior Certificate (NSC) Matric in South Africa. If you want to find out more, please feel free to contact us: at / 073 2288 677. 

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