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Term One Concludes: A Colorful Journey of Learning and Fun at Our Chinese School

As the first term of the academic year ends at our Chinese School, we cannot help but look back with pride and joy at the memorable experiences shared by students and teachers alike. Over the past months, the school has buzzed with many educational and engaging activities, ranging from games and test writing to movie watching. All these events have fostered an enjoyable learning atmosphere, enriching the student's understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

Games have played a significant role in breaking the ice and encouraging student collaboration. Our instructors have skillfully integrated these interactive activities into lesson plans, creating an environment where students can develop their language skills while having fun. Students have enjoyed every minute of this unique learning approach, from character recognition games to role-playing scenarios.

Test writing has been essential to assessing the student's progress and understanding of the curriculum. Our dedicated teachers have meticulously prepared and administered tests, ensuring that the evaluations are a fair reflection of the student's capabilities. The constructive feedback provided by the teachers has been invaluable in helping students enhance their Chinese language proficiency and develop a growth mindset.

Movie-watching sessions have been another exciting aspect of the term. Students have been exposed to authentic dialogues, cultural nuances, and various regional accents by screening Chinese films with English subtitles. These sessions have expanded their vocabulary and provided them with a greater appreciation of Chinese cinema and artistry.

As we conclude the first term, our headmaster would like to extend heartfelt wishes to all students for a well-deserved break. We hope you take this time to relax, rejuvenate, and reflect on the knowledge and skills you've gained so far. We are excited to see everyone back, refreshed and eager to continue this incredible learning journey in Term Two.

To all our students: have a wonderful and safe break!

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