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End of year celebration!

This marks the end of 2022 for the China International School in Cape Town. The year 2022 has come and gone, and today we celebrate it with an end-of-year function hosted just behind the school.

The school was divided into junior and senior age groups, mixed into four teams. So, in the end, there were four junior and four senior teams. These teams had about 35 minutes at each station, where junior teams 1 and 2 would compete against each other, junior teams 3 and 4 would compete against each other, and so forth.

The activities were team building and physical activities; these activities included obstacle courses, crossing the bridge, blindfolded fetching and team plank walking. Learners of different classes and age groups worked together, competing against each other to finish their tasks, as it was not only a race against each other but time as well, as there were only 35 minutes per rotation.

Through shouting and sweat, teams completed the tasks, concluding the year. As the school staff, we would like to wish all learners a happy holiday and all the best for the remaining exams. See you all next year!

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